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Job Placement Services

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       Road to Responsibility, Inc. (RTR) Job Placement Department staff provides personalized employment services to individuals with                        disabilities to explore and attain competitive employment.  Our Career Specialists work one on one with Job Seekers through their                      entire range of employment services:

·       Job exploration and Assessment: Discovering the individuals’ career interests and skills.

·       Job Development: Securing a job to match the interests and capabilities of the individual.

·       Job Coaching: Individuals learn the skills of a particular job with 1:1 help according to the employer’s expectations.                      Coaching strategies highlight an individual’s learning style.

·       Job Support/Post Placement: Helping the employee obtain the necessary skills to ensure on-going success at the job site.

Our Job Placement Department is dedicated to the long-term success of every employer who participates in our employment program.  The Career Specialists work closely with businesses to identify their unmet needs and other workforce challenges.  Businesses want enthusiastic, dedicated workers and job seekers want to earn good wages and have opportunities for advancements.

Our Job Placement Department focuses on positive, productive outcomes for everyone.  Our goal is to create the Best job match between businesses and job seekers. We do this by helping both employers and individuals with disabilities acquire and maintain a beneficial employer/employee relationship. The results are successful employees and satisfied employers! 

       Employer Benefits

·       Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) are available for hiring most individuals with disabilities. 

·       Career Specialists assess the employer’s needs and match them with the abilities of pre-screened individuals from our Job                     Placement department. 

·       Our Job Placement department offers employers the support of Career Specialists who can help with training the employee and           aide in co-worker disability awareness.

·       Job coaching and long-term support for employees.

·       On the Job Accommodation Assistance for employers.

·       Hard working, responsible and loyal employees who will contribute to the local economy.

·       87% of American public would prefer to give business to companies that hire people with disabilities.



For more information please contact:

Meredith Aalto at

1831 Ocean Street, Marshfield, MA 02050

Phone 617-285-9959 * Fax 781-834-7513