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Other Events

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RTR hosts events small intimate events in the community as a way to get to know our neighbors, and help them get to know us.

Some of our more recent events:

Recently Road To Responsibility honored Jane Hanson Campbell. Jane was a mother, and educator, and an outstanding member of the community who supported many causes. She will be remembered at Road To Responsibility for her love of gardening and love of learning. Please visit our garden outside our Library Plaza in Marshfield  or our Ocean Village Book Store also at Library Plaza in Marshfield to learn more about her and experience her legacy.  

Pictues of the event can be found here.


Taunton OPTS Program Open House, August 4, 2016:

RTR recently opened a new site in Taunton.  The event was well attended by RTR staff, board members, supporters, and local businesses.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our newest site, and highlight the partnerships that made this possible.   Click on the photo below to view pictures from the Open House.

Coffee Connection at RTR Bookstore, November 15, 2016:

RTR partnered with the South Shore Chamber to host a morning coffee hour.  The event was attended by good friends of RTR, and those looking to find out more about us.  We were delighted to have the opportunity to show folks one of our three social enterprises, the Ocean Village Bookstore.  Click on the photo below to view pictures from Coffee Connections.

Plymouth OPTS Program Open House, November 17, 2016:

RTR partnered with the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce to host an open house at our newly renovated site in Plymouth.  Our OPTS program prepares individuals to transition into the broader community and employment.  We greatly appreciate our community partnerships, including the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce for all they do to help us make lives better.  Photos from this event are forthcoming…please check back soon!


We are so grateful to be part of so many communities, and we’d love to collaborate more with our neighbors, friends, supporters, and partners.   If you are interested in hosting an event on behalf of RTR, or would like to attend one of our upcoming events, please email: