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Residential Services

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A Place To Call Home

Road To Responsibility, Inc. strives to provide a comprehensive array of Residential Supports to Individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. RTR prides itself in its ability to serve both individuals who are dually diagnosed with psychiatric disabilities and may have significant behavioral challenges, and individuals with extensive medical health challenges.

RTR offers residential options which include community homes with 24 hour staffing supports, more independent apartment settings, and specialized home care supports. Each service is designed to meet the needs of the person being served. This may include full handicap accessibility, specialized medical equipment, specialized vehicles, and other support items. Likewise, staff supports and training are specific to the meet the needs of individuals at each home.  Clinical personnel such as nursing and behavioral support staff are provided where needed.

The concept of personal choice, preference and control has always been a high priority within the framework of RTR residential supports. Choice making is an integral part of daily life and RTR staff provides guidance to individuals in the selection of activities both at home and in the community. Whether it’s something as simple as cooking a meal or something more involved like taking a vacation or participating in a walk for a cause, staff is there every step of the way to teach and lend that helping hand. Continual RTR support encourages community life and serves to nurture potential community supports. Individuals participate in activities in the areas of sports, music, creative arts, social clubs, volunteerism, and ethnic and religious events. The concept that each individual has diverse needs keeps RTR striving to develop residential supports that are as flexible and fluid as the changing needs of the individuals we serve and that personal goals should be based on the fact that human needs are highly variable among people and can change over the course of time.

At RTR, we try to ensure that each person experiences a sense of self, understands their human rights, and is encouraged to be as independent as possible while sharing a home with others or by oneself.